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Why CLC? / Your Savings

  • Main Features of CLC Block
  • Comparison Between Red Brick & CLC Blocks
  • Comparison Between CLC & AAC
  • 4" inches Wall Construction Cost


  • CLC Blocks are very light in weight – Density ranging from 400 to 1200 Kg/m3 can be produced as required.
  • CLC Blocks are excellent for Earthquake Resistant Housing due to light weight – reducing dead weight by more than 50% of the normal concrete. Multi-Storey high rise towers constructed has saved cement and steel to large extent, which can be verified on STAAD-III Computer Programme.
  • CLC Blocks have good capability for fire insulation --- Thermal conductivity of foam concrete achieved is between, 0.05-0.15 Kcal / mh ?, which is 20-30 times higher, than normal concrete.
  • CLC Blocks have good capability for sound insulation --- Foam concrete contains large amount of bubbles, by which the acoustic insulation is about five times higher, than ordinary concrete.
  • CLC Blocks are fireproof. --- The foam concrete ingredients satisfy the general requirements of fireproofing.
  • CLC Blocks are Environmental friendly.
  • CLC Blocks have flexibility in manufacture and application and can be made according to the established parameters to meet specific requirements.
  • CLC Blocks are excellent for Thermal and Sound insulation which keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter saving energy/electricity for cooling and heating.
  • CLC Blocks are “Environment-friendly” using more than 30% of “Fly Ash” from Thermal Power Stations and converting directly into valuable Building Materials. CLC Blocks will also replace “Clay Bricks” which is destroying Agricultural top soil. Our Technology will save Environment and Ecology from the hazardous & polluting material – Fly Ash and prevent destruction of Valuable Agricultural Land.
  • CLC Blocks Production Plant can be Stationary or Mobile Unit – to be mounted on truck to manufacture CLC Blocks, Prefab reinforced Building Elements, and In-Situ Moulded Housing at site, will save breakage, transport charges and delay, etc.
  • CLC Blocks being light weight the handling and transportation is easy. The construction speed is 2 ½ times more than the Clay Bricks construction.
  • CLC has basic raw material of Cement for the appropriate strength and hence the strength is increasing every year on Aging of the Concrete.
  • CLC Blocks Production Plant, Machinery, and Equipment besides critical raw-material-Foaming Agent are manufactured in India and hence no imports are involved.
  • CLC do not require stone aggregates and the Slurry of Cement, Sand, Fly Ash, Foam and Water can be pumped easily in length and height.
  • CLC is excellent for Snow bound Cold Regions/Zones and also for hot climate Desert Zones for the comfortable living. CLC Blocks can be produced in the remote Snow bound areas by our Mobile Production Unit. CLC Blocks can be transported by Mules to difficult terrains since the material is light weight.
  • CLC is excellent Fire Retardant and can be used for firefighting operations in Coal Mines, Forests, etc.
  • CLC is excellent for Roofing Thermal Insulation and sound Insulation for Floor Slabs.
  • CLC is best for Trench Reinstatement, Void filling, Bridge Abutment, Tunnel work, and Floor Construction.
  • CLC is also suitable for Soil Stabilization, Road Foundation, Land Reclamation, and Harbour Fills.
  • CLC is excellent for Fire Breaks in the Buildings.
  • CLC is most suitable to construct Sound Barriers at the Air Port to prevent Noise Pollution while landing and Take-off.
 1) Thickness
  • External 230 mm 200/150 mm Saving of 13 to 35 %
  • Partition 115 mm 100 mm Saving of 13 %
 2) Mortar Masonry
  • External 0.051 m3/m2 0.011 m3/m2 Saving of 78 %
  • Partition 0.02 m3/m2 0.005 m3/m2 Saving of 75 %
  • Plastering 12 + 15 mm 8 + 10 mm Saving of 33 %
 3) Dead Load
  • External 601 Kg / m2 256 / 206 Kg/m2 Reduction of 60 %
  • Partition 319 Kg / m2 148 Kg / m2 Reduction of 48 %
 4) Labour for work 100% 60% Reduction of 40 %
  • Quality Normal Superior Satisfied Client
 5) Ease of Working
  • Chase cutting Difficult Easy Faster Laying service
  • Driving nail Easy Happy client
 6) Longevity May Detroit with time Gains strength with time as
ordinary concrete
Better Durability
Sl.No. Parameter Lightweight Concrete
Cellular (CLC) Aerated Autoclaved (AAC)
1. Basic Raw materials and inputs Flyash, Sand, Cement Foaming compound, water Cement, Lime, Sand, Aeration Compound, Flyash, Energy
2. Production Process & Set-up Can be produced at project site using
ordinary concrete mixer and a foam generator
Produced only in costly plant equipped with steam boiler and Autoclaves
3. Dry Density Kg/m3 400-600 800-1000 1200-1800 650 750
4. Compressive Strength (28 days) Kg/m3 10-15 25-35 60-250 40 40
5. Usage Insulation Partitions
Non-load bearing
Load bearing Non-load Bearing blocks Reinforced panels
6. Precast Block size Cast at site 500x250x90/190mm
Any shape & size in density range
400-1800 Kg/m3
625x250x100/200mm Not Feasible
7. Aging Gains strength with age No
8. Thermal Conductivity Units (W/m.k) 0.098 for 400 Kg/m3
0.151 for 700 Kg/m3
0.238 for 1000 Kg/m3
0132-0.151 for 650 Kg/m3
9. Sound Insulation Superior Superior
10. Easy of working Can be cut, swan, nailed, drilled as timber Can be cut, swan, nailed, drilled as timber
11. Eco-friendliness Pollution free process with least: Energy
requirement also consumes waste FLYASH
Pollution free process with high energy requirement


1 Block 4*8*24

1 Block 6*8*24

Clay bricks

6 nos 4” inches clay bric

6 nos 6”inches clay bric

Approx.Example for 4”inches wall construction cost

Clc bricks for 1 unit wall construction Red bricks for 1 unit wall construction
1) clc bricks for 1 unit wall around 75 bricks  1) red bricks for 1unit wall comes comes   around 560 bricks 
2) quantity of cement and sand requires for motor 1unit wall 2) quantity of cement and sand requires for motor 1unit wall
cement : 1bag cement                       
sand : 4bag sand
price : 300Rs for cement 
100 Rs for sand 
Cement :  2.5 bag cement 
sand     :  10 bag sand
price : 625 Rs cement 
          250 Rs for sand 
Total  400 Rs/-     Total  875 Rs /-      
3) Plastering:  
½ inch   plastering is  Enough  
Cement : 1.5 bag cement 
Sand     : 6 bag sand 
Price : 450 Rs for cement
          150 Rs for sand
3) Plastering:  
1.5 inches plastering is needed
Cement : 3.5 bag cement 
Sand     : 14 bag sand
Price : 940 Rs for cement 
          350 Rs for sand
Total  600 Rs/- Total  1300 Rs/-
4) Total cost 1 unit wall Is
4) Total cost 1 unit wall Is